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Do what you love, for goodness sake!


For most people, their job is just that–a job. It is the work they do to keep their lives moving. It also happens to take most of their time and be among the things they complain about the most. Now, given the reality that not all of us will have the dream job that takes full advantage of our talents and interests, we need to make time in our schedules to do what we love. It is an important investment in ourselves that enhances the quality of our lives and gives us something to look forward to.

If you enjoy hiking, schedule time for it. If you enjoy the company of others, make time for it. If you enjoy art, make time for it. If you enjoy photography and music, make time for them. Don’t be too busy to invest in your emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. If you are, something has to go!

See the flute in the photograph? It’s mine, and I’m making time for it …

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