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Life is like driving in the dark…

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Not too long ago, I dreamed I was sitting in the driver’s seat of my car on a pitch-black night, travelling at what felt like a hundred miles an hour. The road was treacherously windy and there was no roadway lighting of any kind. Inside, my car was as dark as the night; I couldn’t see anything and I wasn’t driving! As I took in the absurdity of the situation, I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t crashed already. I opened my door slightly, looked down at the road to see if I was within my lane (if there was one), and the barely visible white lines confirmed I was. Calmly sitting in the passenger’s seat was a young lady named Faith (who I know in real life). I yelled, “Faith, why didn’t you wake me and tell me the lights were off?!” She shrugged her shoulders and ignored the question. The car kept rolling; I couldn’t stop it. I was panicking, but some place deep within, past my intellect and emotions, I sensed I was heading somewhere and would get there. I woke up.

After realizing I was home, safe, and in a warm bed, I thought, “what a great metaphor for life!” It often feels as though we are travelling at a high speed on a dark road and we have no control. We are sure a crash is inevitable, but most times nothing happens. We keep going and sometimes there is no explanation for why or how. Faith is our travelling companion. It doesn’t give us the answers we want when we want them; it’s just there. To avoid a complete melt-down, we hold onto the belief that we’ll make it to our destination somehow—to keep living, we keep believing.

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