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It’s great to be human

Two weeks ago, I walked into a store in search of a dress for a special occasion. After some browsing, I stumbled upon a one-of-a-kind little black dress. It had multiple layers of fabric, cape sleeves, some netting and crocheting and was heavily sequined. The imperfections in some of the sequins added to its character and beauty. It was stunning. It was so stunning that I found myself wondering what manner of human being could have dreamed up this number and thinking about just how amazing humans are.

Each of us is textured, layered, and unique. We not only look different externally, but we each carry a rich inner life that expresses itself in our personality, emotions and perception. When all those differences, with all their nuances, are combined in infinite ways, the product is an exquisite, complex and unique creature. We are indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Ps. 139:14). Our “imperfections” add to our character, and neither “averageness” nor the fleeting preferences of our cultures diminish our uniqueness and its inherent value. Our circumstances speak nothing of our value because we are worth more than any possession we or anyone could ever own. After all, we create things, not vice versa. Our marvelous creations reflect our greatness. God made it that way (Gen. 1:27). As one comedian once quipped upon wearing a pair of sunglasses, “I make these glasses look good!” It’s never the other way around.

Instead of muting your uniqueness, celebrate it. I celebrate the humans, wherever they are, who conceived and made the little black dress that now calls my closet home.


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