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10 Ways to Up Your Love Game


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reminded in both subtle and obvious ways that all around us people are hurting. Most times we don’t notice because we are too caught up in our own lives and issues. But, as people who are called to love, Christians are expected to be outward-facing and sensitive to the needs of others. That requires effort, sometimes even sacrifice.

Here are 10 practical ways we can all do better in this important area:

  1. Talk to people. Let’s stop hiding behind our devices and allow people to hear our voice and us theirs. Sincerely ask how they are doing and listen.
  1. Invite someone out. Take time to enjoy a meal or outing with someone. Looking into someone’s eyes will tell us more about how they are really doing than a “gr8!!😊” sent via text message.
  1. Be available. Let people know that you are available and be available. Ignoring their communications often leaves people feeling confused and insignificant. If we are too busy to talk to or help someone periodically, our lives are probably out of balance and it may be time to realign our priorities.
  1. Compliment people. Compliments tell people that we see them; they are not invisible. A simple “nice earrings” or “great presentation” can go quite far in brightening someone’s day or outlook on life.
  1. Be more encouraging and less critical. A lot of people, even the most accomplished, struggle with self-doubt and carry a general sense that they are somehow inadequate. Let’s not miss out on an opportunity to tell them they are up to the task and support their worthy endeavors as we are able.
  1. Listen to people. If someone reaches out to us to discuss an issue, we should take the time to listen to them. The fact that they reached out says two things: (1) they need help and (2) they value our opinion. Listening without distraction sends the clear and much-needed message that we care.
  1. Keep others’ confidence. If someone confides in us, let’s not go and blab to others. Gossip is awful and a sign of immaturity. Be that rare safe place where people feel they don’t have to pretend.
  1. Check on people periodically. Most people will hide when things are not going well in their lives because they feel ashamed. That, however, is when they most need help and support. A quick “hello,” “just checking on you” may be the key to their need being met.
  1. Set your ego aside. Sometimes the people who need us the most are rude and all we want to do is ignore them right back! We, however, need to grow up and realize that hurt people hurt people, and rudeness is often their way of protecting themselves. Helping them may mean humbling ourselves and reaching out to them again anyway, even at the risk of rejection. Kindness has been known to soften hearts …
  1. Pray for people. We may not always be able to help people in tangible ways, but we can at least pray for them. Our love game is admirable when we can pray for them as fervently as we pray for ourselves.

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