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Celebrating Easter in COVID-19 Season

This Easter comes at a dark moment in our history, yet it could not have come at a more opportune time. As the novel coronavirus rages on, Christians can take a collective breath, turn aside for a moment and find in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection the comfort and hope the world could use right now.

Jesus was no stranger to dark moments. The week of his crucifixion was most certainly his darkest. As the crowds celebrated him, shouting “Hosanna!”, he knew it would not be long before they cried, “crucify him!” That Thursday, he shared a final meal with his friends and said his goodbyes. The following night, while praying in agony in the garden of Gethsemane, he was arrested, falsely accused by his enemies, humiliated, flogged and crucified. The experience was painful for his disciples who could do nothing but watch. Like many around the world today, they were devastated by the unexpected, and they felt hopeless, confused and lost. They did not know that three days later, out of that darkness new life would emerge.

Although it can be hard to see, this pandemic will end and new life will emerge. The virus may be a cruel reminder of life’s fragility, but the cross will remain, long after the virus is history, a symbol of hope and enduring life. Believers can thus boldly look this chapter in the face knowing that whatever their lot, in Christ they live.

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