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Comforting the grieving

As of today, approximately 800,000 people (and counting) have died globally in COVID-19-related deaths (180,000 in the United States). That means there is a lot of grief and pain around the globe. Lives have been shattered by the loss of loved ones and many are struggling with intense sadness, fear concerning their future, hopelessness, and depression. As the battle against the virus continues, it will be a long time before the grieving can regain that sense of psychological equilibrium let alone find healing.

Let’s all be aware that grief is a process and many will need help getting through it. We can help by being aware of their pain, walking alongside them in compassion, and being ready to offer a listening ear, a prayer, or an appropriate word of comfort as they seek answers to the inexplicable.

“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.” -Ps. 147:3

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